Take Away Menu

Take a look through our Menu pages, see what you like and give us a call 01453 886510 to place your order. Undecided? ~Feel free to call for a chat. Our staff are experienced in helping people like you to choose a dish that suits your palette. Maybe they can tempT you into some new culinary experience.

We guarantee that

  • all meals are cooked with vegetable oil or vegetable ghee, no animal fats.
  • All Tandoori dishes are cooked authentically in a clay oven.
  • Chicken dishes use only top quality breast meat only.
  • All Spice mixes are prepared fresh every day

Allergy Advice

Please note that some of our dishes contain nuts (coconut, almond both sliced and powdered) Please call us on 01453 886510 to discuss any of the ingredients in any of the meals. Our trained staff will be delighted to talk to you about the ingredients in all of our meals or any specific dietary requirements that you may have.