Traditional Indian Dishes


Pasanda Dishes (Mild)

Marinated with ginger, garlic and yoghurt and served in a creamy butter sauce

King Prawn or Tandoori Fish Pasanda (Mild) 10.95
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda (Mild) 9.95
Vegetable Pasanda (Mild) 8.95

Masala Dishes (Mild)

Mild dish cooked in our chef’s special Masala recipe

 King Prawn or Fish Tikka Masala 10.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala   9.95
Vegetable Masala   8.95

Balti Dishes (Medium Hot)

Cooked in a hot iron dish and served directly to your table


Pavilion Special Balti (Chicken Lamb and Prawns) 10.95
King Prawn Balti (Medium Hot) 10.95
Goan Crab Balti   (Medium Hot) 10.95
Chicken or Lamb Balti ( medium)   9.95
Sag Tikka Balti (Medium)   9.95

Dansak Dishes

Hot, Sweet and sour. Cooked with lentils and served with rice

King Prawn or Fish Tikka Dansak 12.95
Prawn Dansak 12.95
Chicken or Lamb Dansak 10.95
Vegetable Dansak   9.95

Biriani Dishes (Served with Vegetable Curry)

A rice dish served with one of the following in a curry sauce

Pavilion Special Biriani (Chicken Lamb and Prawns) 12.95
King Prawn Balti (Medium Hot) 11.95
Tandoori Special Biriani 11.95
Chicken or Lamb Biriani   9.95
Vegetable Biriani   8.95

Traditional Dishes 

Cooked with your choice of chicken or lamb

Korma (Mild) 8.95
Malaya (Cooked with Pineapple) 8.95
Bhuna (Medium) 8.95
Dupiaza (Medium) 8.95
Rogan Josh (Medium) 8.95
Madras (Fairly Hot) 8.95
Curry ( Medium) 8.95


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